This URL was originally our own genuine website but has been hijacked by an unscrupulous counterfeiter and is now being used to sell fake products in the middle east. The WHOIS Domain Registration Information (link below) proves that the domain was only registered in 2019 by the counterfeiter - 5 years after we originally launched it with the genuine products.

Fakes in Europe

Within Europe we’ve been plagued by dozens of cheap fakes attempting to trade on the goodwill of our company name.
In 2021 we have just introduced our new product verification system as a countermeasure against these counterfeits.
Every product leaving our factory now has it’s own completely unique code which can be checked on our Verification page.

Product Verification Page

Every product has it’s own unique authentication code on the outer box (with the exception of ThyroClen 40 and Post Course Therapy where it’s on the bottle and tub respectively).

Simply scratch off the silver patch to reveal your code and enter it on our product verification page to confirm that your product is genuine.